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About Our Organization


The mission of the Edina High School Senior party is to ensure the safety of the students by creating a compelling night after graduation for all seniors to be together for a final night of community and fun.

The Edina High School Senior Party is planned, funded, organized and run by senior students' parents as a gift to their children. The time, effort and love it takes to put this party together is remarkable. The hundreds of hours required to put this party together is daunting but parent volunteers pull it off year after year.

Parents participate in fundraisers to help pay for the Senior Party.  They spend hours painting and decorating, transforming the school into a magical place. As if that's not enough, they then work all night and into the morning on the party date to help create a wonderful memory for their kids. Importantly, no senior is denied entrance because of lack of funds.  Parents provide a scholarship fund for just that purpose. Lots of work, yes! But also lots of fun for the parents and the kids!

The Senior Party is a gift to our kids from their parents and guardians and has always been strongly supported by the Edina school district and business community. While the intent of this party is to help keep each of our kids safe after a very emotionally charged day, they'll have a great time, too. (Truth be told, the parents have just as much fun at the party as the kids!)

A fun filled night of games, food, prizes and lots of parental supervision! If this party wasn't so much fun, it wouldn't have the attendance rate it has always had.

We can't pull off this great event without our parent volunteers.  Get involved.  We need you!  Click on the volunteer link and let us know where you want to help. 

Our Oath

* We will tell no student anything!

* We will tell only senior parents something!

* We will tell volunteer senior parents everything!

* The theme will never be written down!

* We will have fun putting in the time to make it a memorable
  evening for our graduating seniors!