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Contribute To The 2019 Edina Senior Party With A Donation or Sponsorship!

The Senior Party is a self-funded event that receives no money from the school district.  As such, Financial support is crucial to the success of the party.  In addition to proceeds from registration fees and fundraising throughout the year we also rely on donations to help us meet our goal of a memorable night for every student.  The Edina High School Senior Class Party is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under the fiscal sponsorship of the Edina Community Fund. As such your monetary, in kind donation, or sponsorship is tax deductible will help us provide a safe, unforgettable night for the Edina Class of 2019. 


Donations of Money

If you are able and would prefer, you may support the party directly. The Edina Highs School Senior Party is supported, in part, by a fund established by the Edina Community Foundation (ECF). ECF is a 501c(3) organization and as such, your donation may be tax deductible. Please click here if you are interested in making a direct payment to ECF in support of the Edina High School Senior Party.

Edina Community Foundation Link

Use this link for a tax deductible donation to the 2018 Edina Senior Party Fund.

Food Donations

We will have close to 700 hungry seniors after commencement!  If you know of any companies that would be willing to donate food to the party, please contact: Val Stidman at

Val Stidman

Supplies, Equipment, Expertise, etc.

If you are able or have an association with an organization that would be interested in supporting the party with decoration donations such as paint, brushes, printing services, office supplies or any item that you think may add to the success of the party, including unique skills or talents, please contact: Susan DeVoe at

Susan DeVoe


A tradition at the party has been the much anticipated Prize Room. This is a throw-back to the elementary carnival days of putting your tickets in a bucket to win that much coveted prize – however with a much, much more GRAND experience in mind. In the past these prizes have expanded to not only include popular items such as iPods and flat screen televisions, but prizes that are packaged to provide group experiences, such as professional sports tickets and a pizza party. While some of these items are purchased from budgeted funds, many of these items are donated by families and local businesses.

If you are interested in donating an item for the prize room please contact: Kelly Linton at

Kelly Linton

Become A Sponsor

Do you have a business or know of a business who would be interested in some great exposure by thousands of people in the Edina and surrounding communities?  Consider sponsoring an area/room at the 2019 EHS Senior Party!  This is a fantastic way for your tax-deductible dollars to get your business' name out into the community with relatively little effort on your part.

ALL sponsors will be recognized as follows:   
-  Senior Party Website (viewed by over 600 families).
-   Professional signage at the party and the Community Open House (approximately 3,000 visit the Open House)
-    Sponsorship recognition in Edina Sun Current

Checks should be made to the Edina Community Foundation referencing to the 2019 Edina Senior Party.

Sponsorship Chair

Jodi Roberts