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History & Past Parties

Edina High School Senior Party History & Tradition

*The first party was held in the same room as graduation. After the graduation ceremony, the 112 seniors of the Class of 1951 went to a reception hosted by the sophomore class while their parents decorated the room for the party.

*Breakfast was a regular feature of the earlier parties. Graduates had no idea of the breakfast location until they boarded the buses to go eat.

*The party themes have always been kept a secret until the night of the event.

*From 1953 to 1962 the party was held offsite as various school construction projects were completed.

*In 1955, The New York Times Magazine featured Edina in an article about graduation parties. Edina is credited with creating the idea to "bring the graduates together one last time for some good clean fun."

*In recent years, the party site has been open to the community for viewing the afternoon of the party.

*Junior parents begin to prepare for the next year's party by providing security for the party location during the community viewing and while the senior parents are at the graduation ceremony.

*The party is the parent's gift to their children; a gift of their time. Parents strive to create a memory of Edina High School that will be carried forward into another generation.

*For a more complete history of the Edina High School Senior Party, see "Graduation Day is Tradition in Edina," an article from the 1997 EHS Graduation Newspaper, "Cake Eater Digest."