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Welcome to the Class of 2015 Senior Party Parent Website!

Thank you for checking out the Class of 2015 Senior Party Parent website. This will be the primary source of information as we get going with the planning and preparations for the party. Be sure to check back often.

We are continuously updating the website. If you happen to see references to 2014, please disregard for the moment - it will be updated soon!  For all questions, please contact Kari Ciardelli or Jen Delaney at edinaseniorparty2015@gmail.com.


We are currently looking for parents to help lead the many committees and subcommittees that are necessary to make the 2015 Senior Party a success. Please take a look at the committee descriptions to find an area where you can help. 

The Leadership Team is comprised of Chair A, Chair B, Chair C, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator and Communications.  These six positions can be shared to form co-chairs ... it's highly recommended!  The Leadership Team will meet frequently to address Senior Party progress.


CHAIR POSITION:  Volunteer Coordinator


Decorations:  Entrance, Kindergarten Pictures Walls, Baby/Senior Picture Walls, Warehouse

Treasurer:  Sponsorship

Volunteers:  Elementary Schools, Jr. Transition Team, Set-Up/Clean-Up

Communications:  Secretary

We have established a link below if you would like to volunteer to chair one of our committees ... or if you would like to let us know you're interested in helping out in any other way.

If you have questions, contact Kari Ciardelli or Jen Delaney at edinaseniorparty2015@gmail.com.


A critical element to the party planning is securing warehouse space.  Everything is stored here and all work will be done in this space.  Currently, our party supplies are being stored, but everything will have to be moved in November. WE NEED YOUR HELP IMMEDIATELY.  Please let us know if you have questions or you can help by contacting either Kari Ciardelli or Jen Delaney at edinaseniorparty2015@gmail.com.

For More Information

Please contact either Kari Ciardelli or Jen Delaney:



We Need Parent Contact Info
Please enter your contact info here so we can keep you informed of the deadline dates and all senior party information. We do not have a master list from the school so be sure to enter your info here so you do not miss out on anything.

Countdown to the 2015 EHS Senior Party


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events found.

2015 Senior Party Registration - ONLINE IS NOW OPEN

Below is the file to print off a hard copy of the 2015 Edina Senior Party Registration form.  Or you can now register online with the link below.


Senior Party communicates with Senior Parents the following ways:

  • Mailings - Senior Party Newsletter
  • Hornet Headlines - Senior Party Updates
  • Twitter - to come
  • Email List - To receive email announcements, make sure you are on the group list by sending an email to edinaseniorparty2015@gmail.com
  • Website - Check the website frequently for updates and information